Gewand in drei Akten



Curators: Jan Maruhn, Dominik Olbrisch, Annika Weise

The program will be told in 2021 in an exciting way, since the first exhibition connects two Berlin Mies-Orte, the Haus Perls and the Haus Lemke. Also, the up-and-coming expressionist Max Pechstein is placed in a relationship with the young architect Mies. The building's owner, Martha Lemke, also comes to life in a journey through time that leads from the picture to the real garment. A photograph by the Bauhäusler Howard Dearstyne was the inspiration for the reconstruction or reinterpretation of a garment. A replica of Martha's dress serves to make the so-called physical space, its boundaries and surface tangible and visible. An artistic installation by the Berlin artist Stef Heidhues brings the different time levels into dialogue with each other by playing with the form and design elements of modernism.

Cooperation partners for the exhibition are the Kunstsammlungen Zwickau - Max-Pechstein-Museum, the Parzival School, the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin and Galerie EIGEN + ART.