Mies’s architectural studio conceived the Lemke Haus’s original furnishings. Mies van der Rohe designed the pieces together with Lilly Reich, his colleague and companion at the time. The study and the bedroom were exclusively furnished with their designs. The living room, however, included older pieces the Lemke’s had brought with them. Mies and Reich outfitted the house entirely with wooden furniture and not with the Mies designed steel tube furniture as suggested in historical photographs by the Thonet company from 1933. A single type of wood was used in each room: satinwood was chosen for the wall-sized closet and double bed in the bedroom while the writing desk ensemble, the book shelves, and a square table in the study were made of Macassar ebony. Additionally, some of the furnishings were upholstered with yellow pigskin parchment, including the double bed, the desk chair, the men’s arm chair, and a sitting stool. The furniture from the Lemke estate is on view at the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Berlin.